The study of classical ballet teaches students a discipline that gives grace to body, mind and spirit. As each ABS student strives to attain
his or her personal best, they learn perseverance, time management and dedication to a common goal.  Mastering the syllabus of
classical ballet- jetes, chaines, fouettes, pirouettes, arabesques - gives students a large movement vocabulary with which to
communicate the sheer joy of dancing.  The Auburn Ballet School syllabus was designed specifically for the school and was written in
2004 by Diana Green.         

Class size is limited to assure ample individualized attention to each student.

Opportunities for continuing education
The Auburn Ballet Master Class series has included:

Ailey II
Todd Eric Allen
David Anderson
Ballet Magnificat!
Laura Bradley
Ryan Carroll
Thaddeus Davis
Bill Evans
Kendra Gray
Elie Lazar
Jenna McKerrow
Judith Nelson
Claudia Oates
Haynes Owens
Paul Taylor Dance Company
Todd Putman
Tanya Wideman-Davis

Participating in Annual State Dance Conferences ABS has been a longtime member of the Alabama Dance Council.  At the 2008
Alabama Dance Festival, the contingency of dancers from Auburn was the largest in the state.       

ABS performances are designed to allow dancers to participate in artistic, classical, disciplined performances that show respect for
every person and love for the power and beauty of dance.  Preschool classes participate in their own matinée performance each spring,
celebrating the joy of children discovering dance and music.   
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Free Admission but please bring a donation
for Orphanage Emmanuel
in Guaimaca, Honduras

Especially needed are:

rice (50 lbs for $20.49 or 25 lbs for $10.50) and
pinto beans (25lbs for $13.14) from Sam's.

Any monetary contributions (make checks payable to Orphanage Emmanuel, please) will be usedt

o purchase rice and beans for OE.

The performance will include:

Irish Dance ~ Argentinian Tango ~ Ballroom ~ Jazz ~ Tap ~ and Classical Ballet with choreography
set to music from France, Italy, Spain, Austria/Hungary and Russia including Brahms waltzes,
a Tarantella, "Winter" from Glazunov's The Seasons and Paquita.

Liz Osborne is featured in "Esmerelda". This is her senior recital role which will enable her to complete
her Auburn University Independent Study in Ballet.
A Carnival of the Animals for the Animals

A Benefit for the Lee County Humane Society

Saturday, May 3rd
11 o'clock a.m.
Auburn High School Auditorium

Free Admission but please bring a donation for the Lee County Humane

Especially needed are:

Kitty litter (the clay kind), chlorine bleach, 39 gallon trash bags, kitchen trash
bags, laundry detergent and leashes.

Monetary contributions will be put into the Nancy Coleman Memorial Fund at
the LCHS in memory of an avid supporter of both the LCHS and Auburn Ballet.

Come cheer on the youngest Auburn Ballet dancers, ages 2 - 8, as they
perform to Camille Saint Saens "Carnival of the Animals" in their roles as
donkeys, chickens, fossils (dinosaurs), pianists, lions and more!

This performance features the debut of Auburn Ballet's Special Dance Class -
a group guaranteed to touch your heart.
2008 World Tour of Dance

A Benefit for Orphanage Emmanuel

Saturday, May 3rd
7 o'clock p.m.
Auburn High School Auditorium