Each Auburn Ballet School instructor is chosen based upon his/her love and knowledge of dance, teaching skills, and respect for students.  
Auburn Ballet School desires to teach each student as they progress from preschool through high school and to be partners with them and
their families in preparing for their futures.  

2007-2008 staff:

Nadine Cole, Ragan Ellen, Sarah Hamm, Lauren Hopson, Claudia Oates, Liz Osborne and Johanna Underwood.

Additional instruction offered at Auburn Ballet:

Karl Drake  Irish Dance.  Mr. Drake is a certified Irish instructor and highly regarded in his field.

Cody Wayne Foote who teaches
Ballroom Dance.

Kitty Frey who teaches the discipline of
Tai Chi for all ranges of mobility and ability.

Omar Romagnoli, a native of Argentina, who teaches both beginner and advanced
Tango classes.
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