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At Auburn Ballet School, we believe that every
child benefits from quality dance training, even
though he or she may ultimately choose
another career path. In dance, children learn
cooperative teamwork necessary to
produce a high quality work of art. They
creative thinking skills and the ability
to push themselves to higher achievements.
They learn an immense amount about
and rhythm
, and are introduced to the French
. They encounter spatial
and must engage both sides of
their brain
while learning to dance. All these
skills will
enhance your child’s academic
, as well as their physical well-
. Self-confidence and self-esteem
continue to develop as a young person
conquers new movements and grows more
certain of his or her ability to apply themselves,
work hard, and master any task put before him
or her. Growing through this artistic process
helps a child find the pathway to
and self-assured adulthood. He or
she enters society with the ability to do well at
whatever life places before them; and with the
ability to maintain the uncompromising high
standards absorbed during their dance
Photo courtesy of Arnaud Photography